Friday, 11 March 2011

Side pain

H has a five-year history of neuropathic pain in her right side, around the bottom floating rib, which is slightly displaced.  When it started she had an MRI scan which showed nothing wrong.

She's found it's alleviated by rowing - she rowed as a lightweight for Oxford, and has taken it up again in the last few years.  It's aggravated by running - she ran the London marathon this year.

In November, it started getting worse and more widespread.  In December she saw a rheumatologist and they agreed she should have physiotherapy.  When it got worse again, she arranged a scan to check for joint damage, booked for Tuesday 1st March.  By this time there was a detectable prominence of a back muscle on her left side, which she attributed muscle guarding.  We went away skiing with the family and friends for half-term.  H missed a couple of days when it was snowing - she gets snow-sick - but otherwise skied much better than I do, as usual.

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