Friday, 11 March 2011

3rd March - Biopsy

I send an email to work telling them I'll be at home with my sick wife.  Then I get I&S ready (I always gets himself up, S will stay in bed for as long as she can) and take them to school - I mean to do more of the things I usually leave to H.  Later we go to the hospital for a biopsy.  We go into the oncology department through a staff entrance, but H comes to reception as a patient.

H is to have another scan before her biopsy.  She's given a contrast solution to drink.  When she goes for a refill at the desk one of her patients sees her and they chat.  Meanwhile, I notice a man sitting on a motorized buggy next to the waiting area - it's too big to drive in.  He's wearing a Silk Cut shell suit.  I point this out to H when she sits down again, and we smile at his remarkable choice.  Later, while H has gone for a chat with her colleagues, a nurse approaches Silk Cut and asks him to follow her.  His buggy is too big, so he stands up, slowly, leaning heavily on his stick, and starts to shake.  She persuades him to sit down and goes for a standard wheelchair.

H comes back from her scan and biopsy.  The scan has revealed a third tumour in her abdomen.  They've chosen to biopsy that one, since they'll be no bone in it so they can look at it at once without having to leach out the bone first.

H has looked at the new scan.  She thinks it's melanoma.

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