Sunday, 27 March 2011

H's mother

H's mum J came down from the north-east the Sunday after the diagnosis - her friends very kindly drove her here - and will stay with us till after the wedding.  She's always welcome to stay on account of spending her days looking for domestic chores to do.

Away from her familiar surroundings her memory is fading.  She seems to have forgotten what brought her here. A few days ago she spoke to a nephew on the phone and told us afterwards that she'd just been talking to his brother, who died a few years ago.  Perhaps this is not such a bad thing.

J is the most unadventurous person I've ever met - not at all like H.  On Friday I tried to persuade her to come with us to see S's end-of-term assembly, but she wouldn't because she couldn't possibly get ready in time.  This was over an hour before we were due to leave.  But she perked up yesterday and joined a trip to the shoe shop - there is one interest she shares with H.

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