Thursday, 17 March 2011

The second biopsy - 4th March

S came back to us the day after the first biopsy to say that the tissue was necrotic and they'd have to do another biopsy.  Dead cancer sounded good to me, but H told me it would be because the tumour had grown so fast it was unable to maintain blood supply to its interior.  That's less good.

I took I&S with me to collect H afterwards.  We told them mummy is having tests on her bad back.  They were untroubled by the experience.

This time they biopsied the T8 tumour.  That meant they had to leach the bone out of it over the weekend.  On the Monday afternoon, we got a preliminary diagnosis of angiosarcoma, with the news that a sample had been sent to the expert at the Royal Marsden for a second opinion.  H worked with him there early in her career, so she called him to say that the sample was hers.  He called back (he's an important guy, his secretary places his calls for him) on the Friday to confirm the diagnosis.

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