Saturday, 12 March 2011

3rd March - H's mum

It's H's mother's birthday.  H has to phone her, but she can't talk to her without giving her the news.  It will be hard on her: she lost H's father to a heart attack when H was a teenager, and in the last few years the rest of her family has died.

H's mum has a friend living nearby who turns out not to be ex-directory.  I phone her, explain the situation, and ask her to go round: she kindly agrees.  Then I phone H's mum and give her the news.

Later, H calls her mum and has a long conversation.  I call my younger sister, who is hosting a party for my mother on Sunday.  She offers to tell my brother and older sister.  I call my father.  We agree not to tell my mother, whose memory is fading: she won't remember who H is.

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