Friday, 2 March 2012


H had an MRI scan on Thursday: it confirms that the growth at T12 is pressing on a nerve, and there's a new growth at T10, with no symptoms so far.

Yesterday she had a nerve block injection to try to relieve her sacro-iliac pain.  The injection contains a local anaesthetic, which acts quickly then wears off in a few hours, and an anti-inflammatory steroid, which should take effect after about 24 hours and last for a few days.  Neither of these were any use last night, when she was crying with the pain, physical and mental.  She coughed up blood too.  In the end, extra morphine helped.

At about 4am, IA came into our bed, as he does sometimes when he has a nightmare.  The two of us had a cuddle (H was asleep), and eventually he spoke "we should make it a special day every year".  We talked about it: he meant the day H dies.  He looks for the best in everything.

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