Friday, 23 March 2012

In bed

H has been worse for the last three days - she's made it down the stairs once, briefly.  The effort of speaking for any length of time makes her breath faster.

Her biggest problem with mobility is postural hypotension - when she stands up her blood pressure falls to something too small to measure easily.  She's trying some medication to increase her blood pressure.  She thinks her breathing difficulty may be caused by 'shunting' - too much of the blood flow to her lungs going through the tumours instead of the alveoli.  But the GP put her on antibiotics in case of an infection and her breathing does seem better today.

We've had a series of visits from terminal care people, helping us make plans.  But I've not given up hope that the pazopanib (or she could switch to sorafenib) might keep her going for a while.

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