Friday, 24 February 2012

Scan results

The scan shows new growths in both lungs: H has compared it with the planning scans for the radiotherapy she had on the existing lung legion: the new growths seem to be present there but smaller.  It's a plausible hypothesis that they've grown because of the break from chemotherapy, and will stop growing, or at least slow down a lot, now that she's back on it.  They'll be another scan in three weeks to find out.

There's some progression of the T12 lesion also: presumably that's responsible for the sacro-iliac pain, though it's not obvious from the scan that it would be.  At least there's no new growth to be seen causing the pain.  Which doesn't make it any less painful.

This is bad but not disastrous: H and her consultant discussed radiotherapy to the T12 lesion and decided against, fearing that the spinal cord there has already had all the radiation it can stand.  That means they think she'll be alive in six months for it to make a difference. I've told the consultant that the Olympics will be cancelled if H is unable to carry the torch.

H signed a form in support of an application for treatment with pazopanib, which is what she'll move on to if the next scan shows further progression.

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