Friday, 10 February 2012

Talking to I&S

Two weeks or so ago H and I agreed that we shouldn't put it off any longer.  H didn't feel up to it, so I lay on the bed with I&S and told them that the doctors can't stop the cancer growing, and that eventually it will be too much for H to live with and she will die.  They took it very well - I don't think they were surprised.  I asked them if they had any questions and S asked if there would be a funeral - yes, and if we would have a new mummy - I don't know, but I will look after them whatever happens.  Then H joined us and we had a hug.

I told the "pastoral care" teachers at their schools what I'd told I&S.  S talked about it to her friends, and the school decided they should make the information official, so they sent a letter to parents - they let us edit it first - and the form teacher and the pastoral care teacher spoke to the class.  S was ok with all this, "so long as everyone doesn't crowd around me".

They both seem to have decided that the thing to do is to be extra good and helpful.  I told I that I'd talked to his pastoral care teacher in case he was upset, and he said no, he was all right.  Then he won the county under-9 chess championship at the weekend.

The children are brilliant.

I wish this wasn't happening.

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