Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sore throat

H has been suffering for the last week and a half from a horrible throat infection, caused by a combination of damage to her throat from the radiotherapy and damage to her immune system from the chemotherapy.  Strangely, referred pain in her ears is the worst part of it.  Her consultant has agreed to defer the next round of chemotherapy, due last Wednesday, for a fortnight to give H a chance to recover.  The downside of that is that in so far as the chemotherapy has been inhibiting disease progression (and no one knows how far that is) the disease will have a fortnight unchecked.

It seems to me that the infection may have been brought on by the 5k run.  I don't know whether H would have done the run if she'd known this would have been the consequence.

We've booked a week's holiday in Cornwall starting tomorrow.  H has perked up a bit today, so it looks like we'll be going.

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