Wednesday, 27 July 2011


We went on holiday to Cornwall last week, with I&S (the other boys were still at school).  On the Monday, we'd booked a surfing lesson.  The weather - driving wind and rain - was perfect in the eyes of our instructor, but a bit on the cool side for us.

After the lesson, we got most of the way back to the surf shack (in the grounds of our hotel) before it all got too much for H and she sat down at the side of the path unable to go on.  But after a rest, and encouraged by a kind dog-walking lady, she managed to totter the rest of the way to a hot drink at the shack, and thence to a long hot bath.

I was rather shaken.  It's easy to forget that she's not physically as strong as she was.  In future I shall try to dissuade her from doing physically challenging things other than ones she's really keen on.

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