Tuesday, 21 June 2011

PET/CT scan

H had another PET/CT scan yesterday.  She was afraid that it would light up like a Christmas tree along her spine and ribs, so I was very pleased that it did no such thing.  Her scalp tumour and one in her lung were bright, but the rest were dimmer than before - the radiotherapy has evidently been effective, and probably the chemotherapy too on most of the tumours.  She tells me that the lung tumour can be removed surgically if it becomes problematic.

The CT part of the scan (they do both at the same time so they can compare features between the two images) showed a crack in the lateral process of a vertebra which would be a plausible cause of her new rib pain, so the radiotherapy she had last week was probably the wrong treatment.  Never mind, I was happy.  H, who has to live with the pain and incapacity of her spine cracking, less so.

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