Thursday, 23 June 2011


H (and I) had a meeting with her consultant yesterday, in which it was agreed that she should have an MRI scan of her troublesome neck, to help decide about radiotherapy.  She's been getting occasionally pins and needles in the fingers of her left hand, suggesting that there may be some pressure on the nerve root.  Followed by the latest dose of Caelyx.

There was no great urgency about the MRI scan, but the hospital rang this morning to say they had a free slot, so we went.  The radiographer talked us through the scan results afterwards: the tumour on C7 (not C6 as previously reported: their miscount not mine) has grown since her first MRI scan on 3rd March: this may have happened while she was having radiotherapy lower down her spine, before she started chemotherapy.  The tumour is impinging slightly on her spinal cord, and there's an (unrelated) slight bulge in the disc at the front of the spinal column which gives it less room to cope.  Neither the radiographer or H thinks this is an immediate concern, but after discussion with the consultant it's been decided that H will have a radiotherapy-planning scan tomorrow.  She wants to delay the radiotherapy itself for a few days while she canvasses views about its interaction with Caelyx.

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