Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Scalp radiotherapy

H started a daily course of radiotherapy early last week on the tumour on top of her head.  I went along for the first session and was allowed in the room until just before they turned the machine on.  This one is less technological: there's nothing sophisticated worth doing, they're just irradiating a circle centred on the tumour.

H will have a break for a few days now to avoid interaction with tomorrow's chemotherapy, then more radiation next week.  The end result will be that the tumour will, we hope, stop growing and eventually shrink, and that H will have a bald patch around it.  This is worth it because there's a danger that the tumour would ulcerate - break through the skin - if left untreated.

We looked at getting an intralace wig, which seems like a good option if you've got a bald patch with sufficient hair around it.  But there's not much point if H is going to have to switch chemotherapy soon to something that makes her bald.

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